Sunday, 13 December 2009

Soldiers of God

we were in the car today when the radio was giving stories about one british soldier died in afghanistan. i said to my husband, "one of them died, but how many of the other hands they killed?and no one talks about it."

my husband then said,"afghanistan ni dah lama dah, tapi depa takleh buat apa pun."which he means that the afghans are never defeated despite the fact how hard the west tried to encounter their country.

and i replied in my heart, "how can they defeat the soldiers of God?"

Saturday, 12 December 2009

jodoh bahagia

"sabar dan tabah tu kan jodoh bahagia.."

fuh meremang bulu roma aku..

~Life is not always a bed of roses~

someone came to our home, and told us.."you pack your things and head yourselves back. Go back and start a new life with a humble beginning like a few years ago..I always believe that everybody deserves a second chance.There are always means to avoid cruel decisions.Why wait and prolonged the problems.they out there don't know the situations and just make decisions that they don't know whether it's the right one."

once i was tired of pleading that i felt of losing my dignity and was not my fault.

..and my dad smsed me and said.."Plead for their compassion and consideration. Tell them that u have tried your best.Tell them that u shall return home and do it locally.Hari ini kita dalamkeadaan berkehendakkan belas ehsan orang, merayulah, melututlahkalau terpaksa, demi masa depa kita dan keluarga.Selepas merayu, kalau xboleh balik jugak,u balik and face the music.tambang ayah bagi and i'll support u all the way."

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

THIS, too

"THIS, too..will go away.."
~My Best friend Wedding

Our things are packed..
Our pocket are empty..
just enough to buy the flights tickets..
but no one gives us any answers..

Friday, 4 December 2009


"the happiest people don't have the best of everything. they make the best of everything they have." here i am.or we are. trying to be happy.sad?no kidding we are. we are not people that can pretend. Pretend nothing happen. serious conditions we are in. Countless sleepless nights.Huge payback bills right ahead of us. but what else can we do. But wait. Wait patiently. Hoping, and wishing, and praying.

we are not perfect. as others, we hope to come and successfully finish what we came for.Bring back the honorable ones. We sacrifice that little child when we send her away.How on earth would we know things happen this way. So we appeal our way back. but we are just small creatures, which are expandable. no harm to others of what might happen to us.

tapi pasrahlah. dan redhalah. if we need to pay, we'll pay. because we dont come here for fun. As some people might see it that way. If they say it's our fault, then we'll pay. slowly, until the rest of our life. Hopefully we can settle the bills before the kids have to pay for their mom and dad.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

being misunderstood

hi there.

i removed my previous entry because somewhere along the line, it was mistakenly being misunderstood of for whom it was meant to.
Again, my entry was misjudged.

So, here, openly, i am saying sorry to this person who thought i wrote the entry about him/her. Seriously when i wrote that, his/her name was not at all in my mind. It was obviously my personal feeling about someone very influential in my line. But maybe in this situation, many people in between got caught between the thoughts.

Again, I am very very sorry for the misunderstanding. Not meant to hurt your feelings at all.
And thanks for the help you've given me along the line. Hope i make myself clear about the entry.Hope my apologies is accepted.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


so fell summer rain
may it wash away the pain
while autumn may shimmer again
so does life, who lost its gain..

so cry my dear one
may all your sorrow be gone
just wished upon the moon and sun
one day your happiness returns

cause how deep we fell
we would never reach the end
for life never stop there
with just another failure of event

though we might fail to touch the sky
we at least learn to climb the mounts
though we might not reach the star
we at least learn how deep is the sea

so lets get up my dear one..
there's nothing in this life that we should lose..